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We wanted to make a positive difference in the world

We’re a typical family from America’s Midwest who loves to cloth diaper.
After my son was born,
my husband Steve and I discovered that there was
a growing community called Attachment
Parenting who was made up of
just like ours. This loose grouping of people believes in community,
family and eco-consciousness and going back to a less invasive way of life.
families question and gravitate to going back to what is natural and
good for babies, moms and
families as well as what is good for communities
and for the planet. It was a natural fit for us.

Cloth diapering is very special to me. In my particular story, cloth diapering
helped me to get
over my heroic, but failed, attempts at breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding didn’t work for me, but cloth
diapering was something I could
do to nurture my baby and feel I was doing all that I could. With
hints of
post-partum depression, I was energized and elated whenever I looked at my beautiful
stash or prepped and worked with them. Yes, my stash got huge pretty fast, but I LOVED IT!  This is where Coquí joy is rooted from, and it’s something we want to share with other families.

As a stay at home mom, cloth diapering also connected me with a community. I remember the first time I was asked, “What’s your favorite fluff?” by our photographer who saw our stash and our newborn son sporting a cute fitted I picked out for his first photos. She explained to me “fluff” is code for “cloth diapers”. “oooh!! okay” I didn’t know enough about my fluff yet to really be able to answer her, after all my son was 6 days old! But it was a great way to bond with another mom, and she also showed me how to put on my sling (another story of failure for another time). She still continues to be part of our lives as our friend and the photographer for this website!

Steve and I are actively working to create the next chapter of our lives by bringing people like us together to come up with new products that we can all love and make it easier for us to nurture our babes and our world.

We hope that with this small company we can support not only a movement that we love but the individual families from all walks of life who want to do the best but may need just a little help. From this we hope to generate enough income to start spreading the cloth diapering movement to other countries, starting with my country of service when I was in the Peace Corps, the Kyrgyz Republic. There is much that can be done, or un-done, in the world, and we think that even with small initiatives we can make a big impact. We hope you will join us and continue to broaden and deepen this movement.