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We wanted to make a positive difference in the world

We’re a typical family from America’s Midwest who loves to cloth diaper.
After my son was born,
my husband Steve and I discovered that there was
a growing community called Attachment
Parenting who was made up of
just like ours. This loose grouping of people believes in community,
family and eco-consciousness and going back to a less invasive way of life.
families question and gravitate to going back to what is natural and
good for babies, moms and
families as well as what is good for communities
and for the planet. It was a natural fit for us.

Cloth diapering is very special to me and my husband.  We experienced
what many cloth diapering parents feel -- a new kind of joy and the pride
in using cloth diapers with their child.  We realized there was something
unique and special about these diapers that went beyond caring for their son.
They felt more connected to the planet.  They felt empowered and felt that they, as just one family unit, was making
a significant impact on the landfills. It became very real to them. The Joy we experienced from cloth diapers
became a catalyst for the Coqui Baby vision:

To provide affordable, high-quality diapers that will empower more people to choose cloth diapering as the
preferred option for care.

We hope that with this company we can support not only a product we love but also the individual families who
could share in this joy as well. Cloth diapering is a small but growing movement that will only get bigger.
Eco-consciousness is not a fad and is not going away. 

What makes us different from other cloth diaper companies is our global perspective.  Cloth diapering has been
done by moms around the world since the beginning of civilization. It is not new nor is it exclusive to the U.S.
Far from it, we have much to learn from moms and babies around the world.  By being a conduit for sharing ideas
and cross-pollenating into innovative products that we bring to the global market, babies, moms and families
around the world co-reap the benefits of collaboration.

Renee has an MBA in international marketing, a U.S. Customs Broker's license and has served in the Peace
Corps and aid agencies for over 10 years.  Steve brings a breadth of experience from marketing in the food
industry.  Wendy is the Tribe's Cloth Diaper Guru and and is essential to our distribution program, bringing her
keen intelligence and experience running her own retail cloth diaper shop.  Along with other important members
of the team, we aim to provide a lean company that make available great value products to families.